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Boutique law firm - An innovative alternative to traditional lawyering

Our Law Offices are highly focused and specialized in criminal law, business law, civil law, labor law, intellectual property law, administrative and fiscal law.

Our offices have been noted for their seriousness and professionalism, being recognized for the difficult cases we have won, especially through the strategy created for each client, a profound knowledge of the law and the experience in legal practice.

We understand that success can come only by working closely and proactively with our clients and experts with whom we collaborate in various fields.

Our legal opinions granted both to romanian and foreign companies and to individuals have proved to be correct and have materialized many times in court decisions, being relevant practice in the areas of expertise that we have.


The concept of Boutique law firm refers to highly qualified advocacy, practiced by specialized professionals with extensive experience, focusing on a few areas of law. This new type of approach is an alternative to traditional lawyering in which the professional is involved in the whole range of branches of law, but without being able to deepen all of them due to the constant changes that occur in legislation in a very short time, the diversity of judicial practice and the complexity of casuistry.

Boutique law firm does not mean small business. This is only about specialization and the lawyers of the company are experts in the areas of law they deal with.

Boutique law firm focuses especially on customer relationship, proactive attitude and ongoing communication with them so that their legal problems find the best solution, but also on the close collaboration with experts from various fields whose expert opinions are appreciated by the practitioner as necessary, depending on the particularities of each case.


Doru Viorel Ursu has been a lawyer since 1992, after a prodigious activity as a prosecutor, judge, vice president and president of the Bucharest Military Tribunal, minister of Internal Affairs, state secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, secretary of state and head of the Department for Local Public Administration within the Government of Romania, deputy o the Romanian Parliament.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, he was the head of the prosecutor's promotion 1979, a lawyer with the with the PhD thesis "Contributions to the research of the fundamental principles of Romanian criminal law", initiator and promoter of the modern romanian legislation. Since 1992, he has appeared in the famous "Who's Who in the World".

He is mentioned as a defence lawyer in the most important and complex cases.

He is author of 13 volumes of memoirs, history, dramaturgy and poetry.

He is constantly mentioned among the top three lawyers in Romania specializing in criminal law and criminal proceedings.


Attorney-at-law since 2000, Ana Maria Cristina founded and coordinates the law office that bears her name. Her rich professional experience accumulated in almoust two decades, both in court and in providing legal advice, has led to the winning of numerous and significant litigation and has allowed her to offer to the clients innovative solutions to their legal problems.

Ana Maria Cristina was noted as a successful attorney - at - law in complex cases, being recognized for her professionalism, strategic thinking and ethics that characterize her entire activity. She has published as a co-author, collaborator or consultant several volumes of memoirs, history and literature.

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Our expertise

Our office is highly concentrated and specialized in business law. We have extensive experience gained through consultancy and representation of romanian and foreign companies in litigation in the courts of law of any degree. We elaborate legal analyzes for correct and complete client information about the legal issues they are facing, we propose strategies and solutions that are appropriate for their successful overcoming. Our goal is to protect the legitimate business interests of our clients.

  • Commercial Contracts.

Our expertise includes designing and drafting various commercial contracts, sale-purchase, services, entrepreneurship, mandate, company, joint venture, commission, leasing, transportation etc.

  • Contractual liability.

We assist and represent in mediation procedures of commercial conflicts, judicial procedures for preventing the production or recovery of the damages already incurred in the patrimony of companies in connection with the conclusion, execution, termination of commercial contracts. We propose adequate insurance measures for each case in order to protect the rights of clients and maximize the recovery of damages.

  • Recovery of debts.

In the context of the speed of trade relations and of a constant evolution of the market, the need to recover debts from the commercial partners, quickly and efficiently, is crucial for companies. We initiate settlement procedures for commercial disputes, assist and represent clients in lawsuits on outstanding debts, using appropriate court procedures.

  • Enforcement proceedings.

We undertake enforcement related activities: recovery of receivables deriving from commercial, civil or criminal disputes; recovery of receivables acknowledged by a court decision, arbitral award or by other enforceable deeds; legal assistance in eviction actions, retaking possession of immovable and movable assets, easements. In the same time, we offers solutions for the amicable recovery of any debt. We provide assistance and representation with regard to the challenges of the enforcement measures in any of the enforcement types and in connection with any other claims of annulment of the enforcement titles.

Our law firm provide consultancy, legal assistance and representation to both romanian and foreign companies active in various economic fields, as well as to individuals in matters related to property, family, inheritance, civil contracts, contractual liability and tort.

  • Civil Contracts.

Our office provides legal advice and establishes the right strategy for achieving the legitimate interests of clients in the negotiation and drafting of various types of civil contracts, as well as legal assistance and representation in litigation related to the conclusion, performance, termination, recovery of material or moral damages.

  • Contractual Liability

Our cabinet provides legal advice, assistance and representation in cases concerning contractual liability, in tort matters arising from malpractice, moral damages, etc.

  • Family Law

Our office advises, assists and provides legal representation in family related cases (divorce, parental authority, filiation), in cases regarding matrimonial regimes (matrimonial conventions, partition of assets etc.), in cross-border cases: divorce, adoption, international child abduction etc.

  • Inhertitance.

Our law office provides legal assistance and representation in judicial proceedings regarding the determination of inheritance rights, the partitions of assets and assistance in notarial proceedings.

  • Private International Law

Our law office assists individuals and corporate clients in cases involving private law relationships having a cross-border element, establishing the competent court to settle cross-border disputes, recognizing and enforcing in Romania the foreign courts’ rules and the arbitral awards, as well as recognizing and enforcing in the EU Member States the decisions issued by the Romanian courts.

  • Human Rights and the ECHR proceedings.

We provide legal assitance regarding the violation of human rights and the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights, we initiate correspondence with the European Court, preparing or reviewing the individual claims submitted to ECHR.

Our experience of almost two decades as well as the permanent interaction with the specificity of working relationships has demonstrated that often the principles of consensuality and good faith are not respected. We use our expertize so that our clients, employees or employers benefit from:

  • Conceiving and drafting labor contracts in accordance with the legislation in force, inserting the specific clauses for the occupied positions and adapting them to the difficulty, nature and importance of the positions in the company hierarchy;
  • Legal advice, assistance and representation in negotiations for the conclusion of employment contracts;
  • Legal analysis and proposing viable solutions for solving various conflicts specific to labor relations;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the disciplinary procedure;
  • Legal assistance and representation before the courts of any level in labor litigation regarding the conclusion, modification, execution, suspension, termination of employment contracts;
  • Legal counseling, assistance and representation for recovering material and moral damages caused by employees or employers' fault in connection with employment relationships.
  • Our office develops legal analysis on patent litigation issues, registered trademarks, industrial projects and copyrights. When the case requires it, we support on the expertise of renowned intellectual property specialists who, through their opinions, can contribute to resolving disputes and defending the legitimate rights of our clients.
  • We write various contracts, agreements, legal acts specific to intellectual property law.
  • We represent and assist individuals, romanian and foreign companies in litigation regarding the protection and defense of copyright, trademark law, geographical indications, models, industrial designs, counterfeiting, unfair competition, and recovery of damages.
  • Our law firm provides legal advice and sets the proper strategy for administrative and fiscal disputes with the competent authorities, and any other administrative-fiscal matter. 
  • Our expertise is attested by the complex cases successfully finalized in court or before public authorities, in matters relating to corporate tax, value-added tax, excise duties or any other contributions to the State budget, or in respect of tax investigations.

Our office provides legal advice and establishes the right strategy and representation in the court:

  • In complex cases in the field of economic and financial crime, corruption and malfeasance while in office, patrimony crimes and offenses against the person;
  • Legal assistance and representation in procedures regarding international judicial cooperation in criminal matters


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"Art of Suicide" - A book based on archival documents about the Events of December 1989

The Bookfest International Book Fair launched the book "The Art of Suicide" written by former Interior Minister Doru Viorel Ursu in tandem with Ana Maria Cristina Sandulescu.

Book release event at Targu Mures: „Poker with masks” and „Art of Suicide”.

A  profound and sharp analysis of the Romanian society over the last 27 years, after eight years of study to reveal the historical truth.

The Trilogy "Blood and Human Flesh" was presented at "Petre Andrei" University of Iasi

The trilogy Blood and Human Flesh” - Three volumes of sincere history -"The Drama of a Ministry," "The Aquarium of Horror" and "Enigma of the Lambs" brings readers to the forefront of the last months of the communist regime. The trilogy is in fact a documentary vision, written out of the desire to present a true history, heroes and victims, who were part of the Ministry of the Interior at that time.